What Makes John P. Jones Inc. Stand Out

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What Makes John P. Jones Inc. Stand Out

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About John P. Jones Inc.

John P. Jones, Inc. is a full-service CPA firm for small businesses and individuals in the Chicago metropolitan area. The company features income tax planning and preparation, sales and payroll taxes as well as IRS representation and QuickBooks setup.

The firm has been in business for fifteen years now, and is located on the northwest side of Chicago, and can work with clients virtually as well.

I have been involved in public accounting since 1984, but John P. Jones Inc. however, was set up in 2003. Some of my clients have been with me for well over thirty years.


The John P. Jones Inc. Difference

My client base consists of small business owners who need help in accounting and taxes. I also have many clients who are employees as well as retirees.

The feature of my business that makes me most proud is how accessible it is for my clients. When I get a new client, the complaint I most often hear about their old accountant is that the client was no longer able to communicate with their prior CPA effectively. I try to overtly communicate with my clients to make sure I understand their concerns.

I bring over thirty years of experience to my clients, and I do so much more than prepare tax returns. This aspect makes me second none.

Another aspect that makes me stand out from the rest of my competitors is that I always emphasize tax planning and asset protection with clients. While tax season is the busiest time of year, tax consulting is a twelve months a year enterprise.

The goal is to be able to offer a financial planning practice to my clients, by this year. For small business owners, the way they manage their business is often determined by where they are in their financial lives and their financial goals. For clients who are employees, they need to plan for retirement. I feel that as I already have the trust of my clients as well as their financial information from tax preparation and planning, I am in a good position to help them.


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